Iguodala told us last year

Do you remember Iguodala’s almost joining the Rockets during the offseason last year? In fact,in the renewal of (NBA Live Mobile Coins) Iguodala last summer,there was an interesting thing.Recently,Warriors coach Steve Cole mentioned this in the program.

“Typical” what a brother will do,he decided to make a joke with me and Bob (Myers).He called us at a conference and told us he was about to go to Sacramento to join the king.” Erle said,”Then we wish him good luck.He looks like ‘your XX’s…I’ll be back.’ This may be the first time this thing has been said.But now,we’ve got it again.Champions.Looking back,this matter can also come up with it.”

So did Kerr feel sad?

“I was really upset for a while,but I soon abandoned this sentiment because he started laughing wildly,” said Cole.”Leaving his current status will be very shocking to him.”

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