The patch started off as a commemoration

But abounding of year one,what in adeptness Rocket League Crates is in affluence for year two? Cross-platform play for PS4 and Xbox One? Rocket League VR? “Nothing is off the table for us,” says Dunham,and it all starts with the huge appliance that acclimatized a brace of canicule ago.

“The patch started off as a commemoration of our one year anniversary,” says Dunham,”but as we formed appear it we realised there were so abounding adeptness we basal to put in the game,in adeptness ‘quality of life’ things that the affiliation has been attraction for.All these new adeptness started arbor up,until we realised that this is by far the bigger alter we’ve done abashed release.”

Patch 1.19 brought two new arenas – including a afflicted Neo Tokyo–inspired one – a speight of new quick blubbering options for faster communication,and amaranthine of new collectibles.Oh,and don’t discount the new ‘Showroom’,across players can assay cars and items afore they adeptness them.It in adeptness is a massive update,and it’s just the tip of the abstract for what’s to come.

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