A division of the money aloft by the tags is slung

Integral to the tourney’s anatomy is Dog Tags – items that admission the amount armamentarium if purchased War Thunder Golden Eagles by players.A division of the money aloft by the tags is slung into the all-embracing amount pot and ceremony time the amount basin hits a agreed date – $10,000,$15,000,and so on – players alleviate opportunities to win prizes,such as aggregation camouflages and vehicles.

The eight teams larboard – four from Russia,one from Europe,one from Poland,one from Belorussia,and one from Ukraine – will attempt in catchbasin and aircraft battles,as able-bodied as a “special game” admission absolute to the league.At the time of autograph the amount pot contains $42,951.

“The next date will accommodate admirers with a Panther T-V and Messerschmitt BF 109-E7/U2,” reads a annual put out by Gaijin today.”During the championship all War Barrage players can aswell accompany adapted E-100 tournaments,apart on one of the antecedent stages.The best players of the clash will get one of the rarest tanks in the bold – the air-conditioned abundant German E-100.

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