The gasoline engine should keep the temperature of the lubricating oil

Strengthen the inspection of the crankcase ventilation device to keep it clean and smooth.

The crankcase ventilation can remove the gas in time, avoiding the moisture, carbon dioxide and the like entering the lubricating oil, accelerating the formation of the precipitate, strengthening the inspection of the crankcase ventilation device, keeping it clean and unobstructed, and is an important measure to delay the deterioration of the lubricating oil.

Repair in time to keep the cylinder pistons properly matched

More experience, when the engine cylinder wear amount reaches 0.30-.050mm, the working condition of the engine calcium sulfonate grease is rapidly deteriorated, and the fuel oil and gas leaking into the crankcase are greatly increased, which accelerates the deterioration of the lubricating oil. At the same time, the lubricating oil that enters the cylinder is also burned. Therefore, the cylinder wears to a certain extent and must be repaired in time and should not be used barely.

In use, ensure a certain oil temperature, water temperature and oil pressure

The gasoline engine should keep the temperature of the lubricating oil at 80-85 degrees and the water temperature at 80-90 degrees. The diesel engine should also be more specified in the specification to maintain a certain oil temperature and water temperature. When the oil temperature and water temperature of the engine are too high, the lubricating oil is likely to be oxidized and polymerized at a high temperature to produce a polymer such as colloid or asphaltene. However, when the temperature is low, the gas is easily condensed to cause liquid phase corrosion, and is easy to be Precipitation occurs in the crankcase and the like.

The lubricating oil pressure should also be kept within the specified range. If the lubricating oil pressure is too high, the lubricating oil will be forced into the combustion chamber, which will not only waste lubricating oil and pollute the environment, but also increase the coking in the engine combustion chamber, and the pressure is too small. This will result in insufficient supply of lubricating oil, poor lubrication, increased wear and tear, and even the risk of pulling the cylinder.

6. Clean the lubrication system in time

According to the regulations, the West East engine lubrication system should be timely to avoid soiling the lubricating oil and shorten the service life. The cleaning method is: after the engine stops working, immediately release the hot lubricating oil during the episode, and concentrate the precipitation. The lubricating oil line is blown off with compressed air, and the lubricating oil system is cleaned with a low-viscosity lubricating oil or a mixture of diesel and lubricating oil. It is not easy to clean with kerosene, otherwise the viscosity of the lubricating oil will be lowered, and the parts will be poorly lubricated when starting, causing wear. Then, release the mixed oil and replace it with the lubricating oil that has been previously replaced for a long time.

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