I think the ones I referred to RS gold

I think the ones I referred to RS gold understood the message.’The important thing is that nobody can blackmail us and if we want to cooperate and do something good for football we have to sit at the same table and discuss it.’When pushed on how he feels about Premier League games in the same time slots as UEFA competitions, he said: ‘I don’t like it (but) I’m having a meeting with Mr Scudamore very soon and I’m sure that we will come to an agreement.


Cerefin warned Premier League chief Richard Scudamore (centre) over fixture pile-ups’Maybe sometimes – I hope rarely – it may be impossible to play at different times but in principle we have to have an agreement about that and I think it’s important also for the Premier League.’Ceferin, who was elected as UEFA president in September with a large mandate from Europe’s smaller and medium-sized football nations, has never met


Scudamore and is willing to cheap OSRS gold travel to London to do so.He is likely to be told that UEFA has made it increasingly hard to avoid fixture clashes by spreading the latter stages of the Champions League and Europa League over more weeks.Ceferin, however, is also keen to keep talking to Rummenigge and the European Professional Football Leagues about a new memorandum of understanding between the clubs and leagues on one side, and UEFA on the other.


The most recent deal expired last week and domestic leagues could schedule games against UEFA competitions if they wished, although that is considered unlikely. Karl Heinz Rummenigge has previously suggested that a European super league could formSpeaking to reporters in Helsinki, the influential ex-Manchester United chief executive David Gill said: ‘There’s a lot of sabre-rattling at the moment but I think common sense will prevail.’

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