In NBA Live Coins Pionersky

Army, warning recently of a possible Russian invasion from Kaliningrad of the Baltic states Desperately earning a living: InĀ  NBA Live Coins Pionersky, close to the giant radar and listening complex, locals crowd into the sea, protected against the cold, to make the most of the crashing waves which bring in new deposits of amber which Russians sell to eke out their modest salaries and pensions Ancient industry:


One 60-year-old man told MailOnline: ‘We’re fishing with our nets for amber, not worrying about war with NATO. It’s good weather today, there are waves but they are not too big. People are trying to catch the amber before it is thrown out at the coastline. Everyone dreams of fishing up a big stone’ Grim outlook: In summer, tourists flock to the white sand beaches of the Soul Worker Dzenai Pionerskij region but in December the area looks bleak and feels rundownRussia is sending to Kaliningrad the latest S-400 Triumph surface-to-air missile system and has deployed warships to the Baltic sea armed with Bastion anti-ship cruise missile launchers.


Kalibr nuclear-capable ship-based cruise missiles are also here: Russia in October sent two frigates to Kaliningrad equipped with launchers that can fire these missiles more than 900 miles.’The Russians greatly overmatch Baltic and NATO ground forces, which literally means a successful occupation of the Baltic states in two or three days.’The naval power in Kaliningrad is long established and it is the headquarters of the Russian


Baltic Fleet, currently undergoing unprecedented modernisation.In the port of Baltiysk, a hulking statue of Lenin still lurks over the town, pointing towards a great Soviet future, while since the fall of the USSR, a monument to Peter the Great has been erected in the port area.Giant naval communications towers also dominate the scenery, and Russian warships are visible, with the crew on board, in the docks, watched over by cold-looking swans.


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