Have fun and get away from the real world for a while

Runescape Tech trees a comp req Of course people will accuse me of crying over not having my completionist cape for X amount of days. This is partially true, having a comp cape makes things very convient. But, I’ve learned my lesson from the Myreque memorial event, so please hear me out. Upon release the new gadgets received a lot of negative critique from the playerbase, mostly because it tried to replace already existing mechanics with something of even lower quality.


Jagex must have been at least somewhat aware they were doing something stupid and that it might not be as popular as anticipated. Releasing content that’s dead from day one isnt very nice yes? So of course you targeted the hard-core gamers by forcing them to do it.This is not how playing RS for achievements should work.


We play to relax, have fun and get away from the real world for a while. Introducing more chore-like requirements doesnt make anyone happier, we already got enough of those (see castle wars and others). I don’t mind you adding more trim/comp reqs, but at least try make them more enjoyable for us to do instead of forcing use to do them just because you don’t want it to be dead content.


The players (aka your patrons) shouldn’t have to get frustrated because of bad game design.I could go on about this, because I believe it is a part of a bigger problem Jagex has (at least where Rs3 is concerned), but that will be a topic for another day.it was same with runecrafting. I had 99 than was forced to do days of runespan to get points to get my cape back.


I have since given up. I will never(it seems) get my cape.Atleast I havent really trained invention yet.So im not stuck with levels and have jagex steel my inspiration.I dont think Jagex really looks at its maxed members that well. They says lets add new content and force them to redo skill.


I have 200m dung yet i still need to do Golden stones for statue? Why. What does it prove. THat i can play for no reason. Some things like this need rethinking. Grandfathering in those who have capped out. They dont have to go into each account to fix either. Just have a npc when you talk to give you the points you need based on your cape or on your total exp. So I dont really want to bother with cape now it simply means very little at this point, go to our page.Jagex has ripped the joy and the challenge from a prestigious item. Made it more of a look what hoops they made me jump thru.

Seasons are Forza Horizon 4 big new feature

The Halo franchise and Forza go back ways, as showcased by the Forza Monthly Update of yesterday. In the upcoming Forza Horizon 4, there’ll be a new event devoted to demonstrating the brand new and enhanced Warthog shredding during the British countryside.

In accordance with 343 Industries’ lead author Jeff Easterling, the brand new Warthog is designed for speed, buy FH4 Credits so it comes sans weaponry and is roughly 25 percent smaller and smaller.

The 343 and Playground teams then proceeded to select a friendly, inter-company race that gives a comprehensive look at the complete Halo Showcase Event track.

The race begins on the beach reminiscent of previous Halo titles before transitioning towards a more rural British racetrack, though littered with items from the Halo universe and even a Pelican and some enemy Banshees.

Forza Horizon 4 art director Terrance Newell also verified that events such as the Halo Showcase will come back at later times,”remixed” with various seasons.

Seasons are Forza Horizon 4 big new feature and allows racers push through paths in all four seasons, and the Halo Showcase may also be played in all four seasons. Newell claims the Warthog is very impressive during the winter.

Forza Horizon 4 is coming out for PC and Xbox One. The edition provides early entry to Horizon 4 to player to September 28. While no Toyota vehicles will be playable, all four seasons will be there. Check out our Forza Horizon guide for trailers, news, and previews.

Playground Games and microsoft are hosting regular Forza Horizon 4 live streams, showing the features of the upcoming game off. This week’s flow saw a part of the racing take part on the streets of Edinburgh, allowing lovers of Xbox 360 racer Project Gotham Racing 2 will find quite familiar.

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Dear RuneScape big fans! Port Sarim Invasion will run from July 11 to 23:59 UTC on 25th July. Are you willing to help save Port Sarim from Pirate Invasion and defend the city for getting awesome cosmetics and training your skills? If your answer is yes, this is your perfect chance to combat! Remember to buy cheap runescape 3 gold on RSGOLDFAST before you access to Port Sarim Invasion because the combat is not safe in game.


How to start the Invasion of Port Sarim?As you know, this event will last two weeks and has no requirements. The event continues The Eastern Mystery story line from Meg’s cases – with the return of The Iron Link and a stolen ship. In order to access to the event, you should talk to Seasinger Jemi in Burthorpe or Guard Captain Roarkwin next to the Port Sarim lodestone. Each of them can give you 200 Tokens.


You can use their tokens to configure what experience you receive from the various activities.The ways to train your skills via Port Sarim Invasion:Herblore XP: mix black power.Firemaking or Ranged XP: operate the cannon.Crafting or Construction XP: repair the damaged wall.Smithing XP: smith cannonballs at the furnace. Don’t hesitate to place your order on our site when you are in need of cheap RS 3 gold during training your skills,Rewards of this event:Port Sarim is under attack from Jed and his vicious band of slavers!


From skilling to killing, you will be able to earn amazing reward tokens in the process. When you have enough tokens, every 200 tokens can be converted via your inventory into Supply Caches containing a host of awesome items like oar weapon overrides, various XP lamps, a Skulls pirate cape and the bizarrely awesome cannonball head cosmetic.Are you interested in receiving the overrides, XP lamps, cape and more? So what are you waiting for? Just snap up RS 3 gold for sale on RSGOLDFAST and begin your combat journey!


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