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“Sword of Blade & Soul” announced the revision will open the “holy island” 24 copies players will be in this copy to eliminate the dark forces from the abyss.During the reunification of the four continents in order to protect their own world and the peace and tranquility of the world the “Heavenly Island” is a sacred place called “Tianyuan Island” during the Southern Kingdom. Blade & Soul Gold Of the inhabitants of the combat instruments used in the development of production but the devil after the advent of the world was the day of erosion of turbidity and even the Tianyuan Tianyuan also failed to escape the dark forces …

Tianyuan Island a peaceful place full of sacred atmosphere is gradually polluted by the darkness. The source of life is eroded by the dark forces and turned into holy island. But the five elders who did not give up hope are still waiting for rescue. Shou-day in the holy island launched a difficult battle.

Here for the past Tianyuan period the unity of the four continents to strengthen the strength of the South Tianguo instruments used in place and later by the turbidity of pollution into the production of Mozu and black Tianzhu area. Burning lava constantly produce fire ghosts kidnapped people have become slaves.

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