England didn’t have a RS gold

England didn’t have a clue what they were supposed to RS gold be in Nice on Monday; not good enough to be technical, too divorced from traditional qualities to batter the opposition. Can Southgate walk into that dressing-room and command it. And, if not, who can?A personal choice would be Steve Bruce. He’s done a good job at every club he’s been to, but he’s English so he doesn’t get to mix with the elite. Look at his c.v. another way, though. What is success at Birmingham City? Promotion, top half of the Premier League? Bruce did that. And at Wigan? Eleventh place? Bruce did that. At Hull?

Promotion, survival, a first FA Cup final, a first qualification for Europe, promotion again? Bruce did that, too. And he was captain of Manchester United.Now this may be an unfashionable view, but I think the captain of Manchester United knows who can play and who can’t. I think he knows how to play, too. And I think Bruce, old school though he may be, has the gravitas to stand in a dressing room of England internationals, and make them listen. Steve Bruce would be my England manager.

Sam Allardyce steered Sunderland away from relegation last season and knows how to get the job doneBut there are others and the FA must open their mind to this. Devil’s advocate, take Sam Allardyce. He has a reputation for a certain way of playing; not everybody’s cup of tea, not always pretty. But are England pretty right now?Were Iceland pretty? No — but they knew what they were, just as Sunderland did last season, just as Allardyce teams do. Allardyce was interviewed for the England job, in 2006.

He turned up with a PowerPoint demonstration, and buy OSRS gold a detailed vision. The FA had no way of putting it on.At least that will have changed. If there is one thing the architects of England DNA know how to do it is lay on a presentation.And there do need to be interviews.

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