Yesterday my Facebook newsfeed was rs gold

Typical Samuel. Armaniman, Nantwich.I know. And I saved it until last, too, so that you read through it all and you were like, ‘Oh rs gold no, I’ve been confronted with a view that’s not my own’, and then you had to run round and round in circles with your trousers on your head.

Which, strangely enough, is what I often do to this. It’s French, of course. The media disgust me at times. You’re very happy to paint our own fans as a disgrace but choose not to show their better side, fans not in any way linked to the violence, helping those injured, administering CPR, cleaning up in the aftermathe. These photographs are all over social media should you chose to look for them but it’s easier to blame them all and tar everyone with the same brush.

Yesterday my Facebook newsfeed was filled with pictures of fans helping clear up bars and restaurants that had been trashed; but that doesn’t seem to be as interesting or newsworthy as letting some mindless idiots ruin the reputation of everyone. Misspj, Preston.As I’ve said buy runescape gold previously, why expect credit for what you are supposed to do: helping the injured, giving CPR if you know it, not getting involved in violence?

Here’s Sid and Doris, who went all the way to Marseille and heroically contrived not to smash the place up…’ As for the clear-up operation, I’m sure the locals were appreciative and it seems a decent thing to do. Better if it wasn’t needed at all, though, don’t you think?

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