Small Elevators For Homes Use Guide

Precautions when using a Small Elevators For Homes:

  1. Before use, check whether the door lock is invalid and whether the registration of the outside order is correct.
  2. The lighting equipment in the car must have proper brightness. The small elevators in the home must be turned on during the use time.
  3. It is not allowed to plug the door interlock and the door lock switch with any debris to make it invalid and frequently connected.
  4. Except for the maintenance personnel except the maintenance personnel on the top of the car, no other objects may be placed.
  5. The load should be placed in the middle of the car as safely as possible, and the dumping of objects during operation should be avoided.

When the following small fault occurs in a small elevator in a home, stop using it and notify the maintenance personnel in time:

  1. When it is found that the hall door of the small elevator in the home is not closed, the small elevator of the home cannot be started when the command button is registered outside the hall.
  2. When the car under the normal load, if it exceeds the working position of the end station, continue to run until the limit switch is turned on.
  3. When there is any metal part of the small elevator in the home, if there is electric shock.
  4. When the insulation of the electrical components is found, the odor when the heat is generated due to overheating occurs.
  5. After the hall door is closed, press the layer selection button, but the home small elevator fails to start normally.
  6. When the car is running, if abnormal noise, vibration, impact, etc. are found.

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