The book is about his journey of discovery.

Tragically, Mr. Then his grief turned into rage. tagsA toxic reaction to the chemical preservatives in his commercial dog food. Nor does he wish any pet owner to go through the agony of watching his pet die prematurely. He shares with us some horrific truths about the ingredients found in many commercial dog foods:Toxic preservatives capable of producing organ cancers of every major organ in the bodyPutrid road killDogs and cats that were euthanizedResidues of deadly poisons used to euthanize animalsTick and flea collars, plastic bags, and I. Plastic Garbage Bins manufacturers Hint: He couldn’t even come up with a top 10!The benefits of making your own natural dog food at homeOver 30 homemade dog food recipes (included)How to keep your dog healthy and vital for years beyond his normal life expectancy

Mr.Andrew Lewis cried as he watched his dog, Noble, receive a lethal injection and then slowly die in his arms.

This story starts as Andrew begins to comprehend the cause of death of his much loved pet.The few healthy brands of dog food. In the process, I also learned a great deal about proper canine nutrition and health. It is his aim to make sure no other dog has to suffer as his did. He died at 4 years old and, until a month before his death, appeared to be healthy, energetic and playful.”

The thing that made Nobles death even more disquieting was his age. Lewis dedicated his book to his dog, Noble, and to all the other dogs who met a fate similar to that of Noble. Eventually he focuses on the need to educate people on the subject of animal health and safety. Noble was poisoned.

Here are a few of the points dealing with ways owners can protect their animals:Understanding the double speak on pet food labels.

Andrew says in his new book “Dog Food Secrets” that he “Spent $12,000 and 3 years of my life learning the truth about commercial dog food.

The sympathetic vet explained that Noble’s kidneys simply gave out.

How did this happen to a dog so young?

Noble ate tainted food. Food filled with toxins.

That dark Wednesday afternoon in the vet’s office is an experience many of us can empathize with, because we, too, have braved out the farewell moments we spent with a pet we loved dearly. Lewis pass through various stages of grief.

It is a compelling read.

At first Andrew grieved. Lewis had been an unknowing conspirator in his own dogs death. Eventually his rage yielded to a determined sense of purpose

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