There are a variety of options out there from different companies

In the same way that 3D interactive poster displays gave new blood to the trade show and advertising display world a number of years ago, now fabric displays are the newest and best material to put out there for the world to see. With their rich texture, photo quality graphics and ability to come in various, sizes, shapes, and designs – stretched fabric displays are the wave of the future for any company looking to have the eye-catching display that will attract the crowds and draw in customers.There are a number of design companies who sell tradeshow products such as stretched fabric display but those who are leaders in this business field are definitely the ones who have the capacity to implement the stretched fabric display technology into any exhibits they create for a company.Many of these design companies who create tradeshow exhibits and sell tradeshow exhibit products to companies who attend tradeshows can definitely meet all of your design needs; with the ability to create the perfect advertising vision your company seeks to develop.

By using the various stretched fabric display products available to you out there this will help you to jump into the next generation of advertising design.If your company chooses to use fabric stretched displays not only will you stand out from your competition at the next trade show but you will also be a part of innovative design technology; allowing you to have an even greater edge on the other guys. And not to mention an eye popping display your customers and potential booth goers simply can’t miss.A stretched fabric display is not only a great Pop Up Backdrops Manufacturers technology; it is also very easy to set up, it requires little maintenance, and it gets your message out with maximum impact.Through the latest in tensioned fabric technology products, fabric display systems can be configured to suit whatever your advertising needs are.

There are a variety of options out there from different companies and the fabric displays come in several display configurations; including different sizes and shapes along with a variety of options that can make your exhibit unforgettable. For companies or organizations looking to save some money, some design companies also offer display systems that are a more affordable version of stretched fabric display; a system that still offers all of the beauty of a stretched fabric display but simply in its most basic configuration forms and without any extra accessories. Most, if not all, of the stretched fabric display options out there give you an environmentally friendly PolyFlex material which is imprinted with a visually stunning dye-sublimation print of whatever it is you wish to promote on this amazing backdrop. Stretched fabric skins are a vibrant and colourful tool that will grab all the attention your company needs.Some of the features that make stretch fabric displays top of the line in the advertising world can include the following:1. Amazing photo quality graphics that look and stay looking great for as long as you need them.2. Fabric displays are also usually machine-washable in case one of your exhibit visitors happens to get to close and spill something on them.3. Created with a colour calibrated dye sublimation printing technology used to create the design of your choosing your company assures the ultimate accuracy in both colour and image.4. The stretched fabric systems usually have 100% fire retardant fabric covers.5. Units are also almost always very environmentally friendly as they are a majority of the time 100% recyclable. This includes recyclable aluminum frame systems, environmentally friendly inks, and also the PolyFlex fabric itself is fully biodegradable. Making stretched fabric displays a green option.6. Another great option available to customers by most companies who offer the stretched fabric displays is a double-sided printing which is great when tradeshow traffic is flowing in both directions and displays need to be promoting from all sides.So make sure at your next tradeshow to stretch your fabric display out and see the traffic come pouring in.

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