The Beatles Anthology DVD Set Many Beatles fans

It Detergent Bottles Packaging s a 10 hour documentary for God s sake! It s brilliant!

#5) The Beatles Anthology CDs There were three sets of Anthologies released in the mid 1990s and they are all really great gift ideas (obviously you may want to snoop around and see if they already own them.)

#6) Love The Love CD was released a couple of years ago and it s really a very interesting mash up of The Beatles music. Also, it s a really great way to improve your drumming and your singing!

#4) The Beatles Anthology DVD Set Many Beatles fans already own these of course, but if you notice that they don t then this would make an excellent gift! Every fan should own The Anthology.Christmas (and birthday) shopping for a Beatles fan has never been easier than it is now with the release of three new very cool Beatles products on 9/9/9 (these three new products will be the first three Christmas gift ideas listed.)

#3) The Beatles Rock Band Video Game Completing the first three gift ideas of new products released in 2009.) In all this article features seven great gift ideas for any Beatles fan among your family & friends. I actually think many older Beatles fans who have never got into playing video games before will love playing this game. This hasn t really sold in huge quantities so I think there s a good shot that the fan in your family may not already own it!

#7) The Capital Box Sets Not too long ago there were two Capital box sets released which contain the band s first 8 American LPs on CD for the first time. Who knows how many copies of these will be made? In my view this box set is just as essential as the stereo box set and to my ears many of these mono mixes actually do sound better than the stereo mixes (and they often sound quite different which makes them essential for a completest. Of course this game requires a video game console of some kind (either a Wii, PS3, or an XBox 360) but don t think that this game is only for those who love games.

#1) The Beatles in Stereo Box Set This is probably the most obvious choice as it s a comprehensive collection of every Beatles song released from 1962 through 1970 in newly remastered sound (these CDs sound far superior to the old Beatles CDs) and with really great packaging (much better than the old CDs. After those first 8 American LPs, the same LPs were released in the UK & and in the US but for for the first couple of years there were totally different albums released in America and many older American fans still remember those albums and would probably love to have them on CD!

It really sounds fantastic and gives a new perspective on their songs.)

#2) The Beatles in Mono Box Set This is the best choice for the really serious Beatles fan who wants to hear The Beatles music as it was originally intended to be heard. Also, since these box sets are being made in limited quantities it s a great gift idea for anyone who considers themselves a collector

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