As a general rule of thumb

There have been far too many candidates showing up for the IELTS test with almost no preparation. They fail to realise that the instructions may include clues that are crucial to how they answer the questions.

Increasing your writing pace is not an easy task either.Make adequate preparations before the test

Dont brush this suggestion off as being too obvious. One particular candidate, who had lived and studied in the United States for over four years, assumed he would score at least an 8. Then practise speaking it in front of your friends and family before testing it on people you do not know. Skipping through the instructions is not a timesaving technique.

For the listening test, listen to spoken English as much and as often as possible to get used to the language. Bearing that in mind, try your best to keep up, but do not panic if other candidates start writing their answers without you. They might not guarantee absolute success, but they will definitely take you a step closer to achieving your desired results. If it is still taking too long, you may need more practice carrying out your speed reading techniques. One particular group of friends have a small fine for anyone using a non English word and the money gathered during the outing is eventually donated to charity. In an attempt to complete the test on time, most candidates choose to skip reading this part of the test and immediately attempt to answer the questions once the timer starts. First impressions count, so do not simply answer the questions with yes or no answers. So how do you overcome this problem?

One suggestion is to carry out an online search for speed reading techniques.

Do not fall behind in the listening test.For the listening test, candidates do not have control over time.

You may also consider enrolling in a reputable school such as ICON+, Singapores leading test preparation specialist.0, since he considered his level of English to be on par with the native speaker. With its team of highly trained teachers, a proven curriculum, patented e learning systems, multi media facilities and a full spectrum of post prep services at its disposal, ICON+ guarantees to help students achieve excellent test results.

As a general rule of thumb, read as much and as widely as possible in the days leading up to the test. You may also need to improve on your vocabulary. Just relax and use the pen smoothly. Over 85 of test turbomachinery bearing suppliers prep students at ICON+ score higher than the worldwide average. If you are struggling with the speaking test, try writing a 2 minute me on a piece of paper. When you hear the sound of other candidates flipping over the page, do likewise. You will find out if its too boring, too unnatural and so on. Try to avoid squeezing the pen. Use logic to figure out the answer and write it in the style instructed. However, he could only manage a 6. If you happen to guess right, you will earn some lucky points. You can also make a game out of it by hanging out with your friends. Be friendly and speak naturally. Elaborate on your answers and be eager as you talk.

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