We all were we excited to be going there

We have just relocated to Melbourne and we are almost going through hell and I decided to share my experience because I want that nobody ever has to face the trouble that we faced. We got a place near Hoppers Crossing. We all were we excited to be going there. We are a busy couple hardly getting time to anything else gift boxes Manufacturers so we said that two days will be sufficient to do the packing. So we applied for the same. Also we thought we have quite a few cardboard boxes, enough to pack most of goods and if we will feel the need we will get a few more. I asked a few friends and got a transporter who will take our goods to Melbourne. So, we were all set to GO!Time just flies and it was the first day of the holiday, we decided to pack our suitcases and so each and every dress was neatly packed in the boxes and set aside. Well Done!! (NOT REALLY) What we forgot was that we should have packed a couple of dresses separately that may come in handy if the luggage arrives late also we should carry some important things like tooth brush etc with us.

Next we took all the utensils and packed them though we left the really fragile crockery sets. Ideally we should have packed the crockery and should have kept some sturdy utensils to be packed later. It was almost afternoon we were Hungry!!! As most of the utensils were packed I got the food but my kids insisted that we should eat in those beautiful crockery dishes. They finally got their way and in no time two pieces of that beautiful set was damaged breaking our hearts.Now we decided to pack all the electrical items but as it was getting late me and my wife decided that instead of working together each of us will pack things separately soon the TV sets, remotes, Electrical Wires, AC Etc were packed but we kept no notes what is where so while unpacking we just had no clue what is where.

So it was almost a month before we could get the connection and things in order. Except the Refrigerator everything was packed, little did we know that it should have been packed the first as it can be damaged during the transit also all the things inside should be taken out and packed properly else fridge may end up smelling and this smell may take almost months to go away. Even in furniture we packed the delicate table tops everything else we thought we will keep just like that but in long distance transit it is best to pack every furniture piece.These are just few of the incidents, we made many more mistakes, but I donĂ¢”t want to bore you with my saga of ordeals all I want to say finally is that, we committed a blunder by not hiring a mover in Melbourne. My sincere advice to everyone, please don’t commit a similar mistake!

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