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Please purchase online . The Sony Ericsson K810 offers a variety of features to ensure you take the perfect picture every time.But there were also some nifty Bluetooth accessories, and four other phones that while basic, are just what a significant amount of mobile users are looking for, rather than all bells and whistles. The handset has built in 64MB of memory which can be expanded to 2GB with an additional M2 Micro memory card.The Sony Ericsson K810 is a 3G handset, and also supports tri band GSM networks.The camera on the Cybershot branded handset is a 3.

You can upload pictures taken straight to your blog, or transfer them to another phone using Bluetooth.The fact remains that it was very much evolution rather than revolution, at a time when some of Sony Ericsson’s rivals (traditional and new) are unveiling all manner of breakthrough products.Sony Ericsson introduced new cell phone Sony Ericsson K810.Once finished, pictures are easily shared with friends and family, thanks to the built in blog support. Take the Sony Ericsson K810, which is Sony Ericsson’s flagship camera phone, but only has a 3. Connectivity to your PC is simple and straightforward, as well as using Bluetooth the Sony Ericsson K810 supports USB 2.

The screen is impressive, 240×320 pixel QVGA, TFT, supporting 262,000 colors. It is a sleek handset, measuring in at just 17mm thick, an improvement on its predecessor, the K800, Patio Gazebos which measures 22mm thick. On screen illuminated icons are used to indicate shortcuts to camera settings (such as turning flash on and off, camera timer, etc) by using the hard keys on the keypad instead of trawling through the camera settings menu.2 megapixel autofocus camera, with built in Xenon flash. As well as the built in Xenon flash, the Sony Ericsson K810 has red eye reduction, and supports Best pic, which takes 9 pictures in quick succession allowing you to choose the best of them to keep.2 megapixel camera.0 connectivity for simple fast data transfer.

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