Keep a monitor in your babys room

Avoid placing tall floor lamps in the room, as these can fall over as well. You may also be thinking about decorating your new babys roomif this is your first child, there are probably quite a few things you need to buy. Make sure that the bars of the crib are sufficiently close together.
. Here are a few things to consider before you run out to buy a crib, chest of draws, mobile, and armful of baby toys. Once you have made sure that your babys crib is free of safety hazards, decorate and personalize it as much as you like! You can find baby cribs in all colors, designs, and sizes; make sure to pick one that you love!

You will most likely also want a chest of draws for your babys room to hold clothes, blankets, and toys, but make sure that your baby cant tip it over once he or she is old enough to crawl around.

First, you should ensure that your babys crib is free of choking, falling and suffocation hazards. Your days are probably filled reading parenting books, attending classes, and buying baby clothes, among numerous other activities. Do not put any large pillows, fluffy blankets, or stuffed animals in the crib with your infant; these create a risk of suffocation. (Of course, you should always have smoke detectors installed, and you should be sure to test the batteries at least once a month.

Decorating your babys nursery should be fun! Take advantage of the opportunity to fix up a room of your homechoose wallpaper or a paint color that you love, and take your time choosing the perfect furniture for your baby. Some parents choose to go ahead and purchase a normal bed, nightstand, and desk for when their infant grows up.

You may choose to purchase other furniture for your babys room for when he or she grows older. Either secure the unit to the wall or make sure that the bottom drawer is out of your babys reach. Tie up any extra electrical cords from lamps, fans, and heaters so that your curious baby cant get his Pet house manufacturers or her hands (or teeth) on them.

Cover all electrical outlets in your babys room with plastic tamper resistant covers.If you have a child on the way, you are surely filled with countless emotions.)

Keep a monitor in your babys room, but make sure it is kept out of the babys reach; place it on a shelf or on top of a chest of draws. All hanging mobiles, as well as hanging curtain cords or strings, should be kept well out of your babys reach so as to avoid choking hazards. Make sure that lamps and electric heaters are kept at a safe distance from curtains, bedding, and other flammable fabrics in order to avoid fires. Make sure that none of the toys you buy for your child have small detachable parts that your baby may try to chew on or swallow

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