No surprise that it is used in the dating networks as an invitation for a chat

Now, when you know it, you can conscientiously use this, however, be moderate: total copycatting can be read as a mockery (especially if you indiscreetly reproducing all his or her features, good and bad).

No surprise that it is used in the dating networks as an invitation for a chat.  How far you want to proceed in reality will be now up to you, since you already got the signals. Say Hi with your eyebrows. Where the eyesight rests.Look at me: I gotta case of body language, Freddie Mercury / Queen Can you attract another person with your body language?  According to the studies of human communication 55% of information is conveyed with gestures and mimic, 38% is passed with the aid of frequency of speech and intonations, while only 7% is passed through the meaning LED Cooler of words.  Can body language reveal any difference between light flirt and strong sexual attraction?  Well, if the feelings are really strong, you will tend to mimic the object of your passion.

A joyful, flirting chattering makes the eye scan area even wider.  Maybe this was a greeting of our forbears when they were passing each other caves?  Languages came later.  By watching (even secretly) somebodys hands and legs (postures and motion), we are revealing our interest toward the person.  This time, especially if any sexual interest is present, the center of the area will be at the lips of the person you are talking with.  When we are more relaxed, like, for example, we are talking with a friend, eyes still follow the cyclic path, but it is not that tight anymore.  Lifting eyebrows is one of the most ancient ways of showing friendliness to another person.

Got wink in reply?  Start talking.  Our eyes scanning his (or her) face along an upset triangle with a base slightly below the eye-line and the vertex at the person mouth.  So, if a person you are talking to seemingly cannot lift his (or her) eyes from your lips, you better know this person is likely already kissing you in his (or her) imagination.  If you are getting the same in reply, the feelings are mutual.  If you, after noticing such attention, will approach that person, this will tell that you have an interest too.  So, if you would notice that someone is watching with interest your hands, legs, feet, be assured, there is some interest.  In reality our eyes cannot stay fixed, they scan the face of a person along a tight closed path: left eye – middle space – right eye, and so on.

At such moment it may be a good time to use spoken language: you will be heard! Wink me back!  Have you ever exchanged winks with someone?  Wink is a sign of an interest and attraction.  When we are engaged in a business conversation, we are usually focused, and it feels like we are looking straight into the eyes of our counterpart.  Same is in the offline world.  Now you can use this old way of winning sympathy.  When you are following your protagonist always observe at least one minute pause before making your turn.  This comes from some indiscernible depths of our instincts, although, on the surface the message seem like saying that we have a lot in common with that person. . Monkey me, baby.  The matter is: how exactly can one person attract another with body language, is it just like Freddie sang it some years ago? Looking in the eyes.  Who taught us to speak like this?

Was Darwin right about our ancestors?  Maybe, but this is not a matter of this article.  If you see someone who is interesting to you, wink her.

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