It wasn’t all easy for her, there was work to be done

It wasn’t all easy for her, there was work to be done, but Anne persisted, practicing with all of the techniques. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. . Anne visited my website where she downloaded the necessary information along with the free relaxation recording. This developed into M. Anne was doing really well, her symptoms were fading and energy increasing as each day passed. After taking this training their health had turned around rapidly, hence the name — The Lightning Process. She’d heard that some U. Anne then decided to pursue this approach Heat Sink Supplier for herself. In year nine Anne read in the paper about a Norwegian ME sufferer who had traveled to the U. She continued to work on her stamina and fitness for the next month until she was completely well.

None of these approaches helped. She was experiencing severe brain fog and the years drifted by in a fatigued haze. This was such a physical illness, affecting most of her bodily systems — how could a training programme help? More recovery stories appeared in the Norwegian press throughout the year. She also became sensitive to sound and light. By the end of the third day she had made huge changes and although she was not yet 100% better, she knew that she had the tools and know-how to get there. They are all designed to re-train the autonomic nervous system. Anne was now suffering a lot of physical pain.Anne was a mother of two from Norway, she was thirty nine years old. All that was on offer were painkillers and anti-depressants. This was when Anne contacted me, six weeks before the ME/CFS recovery course was scheduled to take place in Oslo. Anne could not accept that these people had been suffering in the same way she was.K. Anne’s story might sound too good to be true, but this kind of transformation is what we regularly see with people using this approach.K.

All that conventional medicine could offer her was CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), pacing and graded exercise. She caught a virus in 1999, from which she never completely recovered. She was able to increase her energy levels and reduce the intensity of her symptoms by using these simple techniques. practitioners were running Lightning Process courses in Norway.E. I told Anne, that  unlike other Lightning Process practitioners, I also included a number of other techniques within the recovery course. for a training programme called the Phil Parker Lightning Process. I explained to Anne that she could start straight away with some self-help resources. For people who are, the results of applying the training, as they were for Anne, can be quite remarkable. The self-help that Anne used included self-applied tapping or acu-pressure techniques as well as focused breathing exercises. On day one she felt a significant change as the brain fog that she had lived with for so long had lifted.

Anne then took part in the Optimum Energy Training Course where she learnt The Lightning Process and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Anne also tried many alternative approaches including acupuncture, osteopathy, herbalism, homeopathy along with many others, all with little or short-term improvement. She found it easier to relax and her sleeping improved after listening to the guided relaxation recording. I followed up Anne after the course with some coaching over the telephone. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You need to be ready and prepared to commit to the necessary short-term work. Anne was diagnosed with post viral syndrome (PVFS) at first. This strategy isn’t necessarily right for all. She came across stories on the Internet of more ME/CFS sufferers who were now completely well. These alone weren’t likely to be a cure for ME/CFS, but Anne felt hopeful as she learnt to improve her condition, when she had felt helpless for so long. There was four hours of training each day on three consecutive days. Anne experienced extreme fatigue, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Insomnia. There were endless visits to the doctor and tests for just about every known health complaint, all returning negative.

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