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He has launched an aggressive public relations campaign, speaking with world leaders almost daily by telephone to make his case for the assault.”I think it’s not accurate to leap to any conclusions about how these nations will actually vote when it comes down to it and when the members of the Security Council have to raise their hands and be counted,” said White pump bearing manufacturers House press secretary Ari Fleischer. Bush’s top military brass including Army Gen. On Tuesday he spoke by telephone with Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee of India and President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. Their foreign ministers maintained that Iraq “continues eliminating missiles and giving information on biological and chemical weapons” and said inspections should be stepped up. Security Council meeting set for March 7, when chief U.-led war on Iraq.

Resolution 1441 demanded that Iraq account for its cache of missing munitions and biochemical weapons and immediately disarm or face “serious consequences.”We have seen similar statements made in the past by various officials, and I think the one day we’ll know for certain where nations stand is when it comes time to raise hands and vote in the United Nations,” Fleischer said Wednesday. Tommy Franks, who would lead U.S.Pope John Paul II dispatched his envoy Cardinal Pio Laghi to meet with Bush Wednesday on the Iraq crisis. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said Wednesday that Russia would use its veto at the U. During a briefing later in the day Franks said military forces were trained and ready should Bush decide to use force.”. measure, however, would need the support or abstentions from veto-bearing France and Russia.

N.Bush has had difficulty finding strong international support for an offensive against Iraq. through inspections,” a joint statement issued by the three ministers said.e. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, CIA Director George Tenet and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Richard Meyers participated in the session. arms inspector Hans Blix is expected to deliver another progress report on the inspections in Iraq.”Ivanov said the three nations proceed from the view that the road “we propose is the most rational one, not only regarding the settlement of the Iraq problem, but also in regard to coping with other challenges, above all that of fighting terrorism. resolution seeking authorization for war against Iraq would pass even as foreign ministers for France, Germany and Russia say they would stop the measure. Security Council.”He stressed that “these aims can be achieved if the international community is united, and above all, if there is unity in the U. N. N

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