MapleStory 2 Grand Theft Auto’s Ability to Add Points

First of all, MapleStory 2 is the shortest occupation in the hand, and it is extremely inferior in part copy. Going back to the previous version, except for the poison bottle throwing, the longest skill is the blade dance, the speed blade, the flail and the poison blade. The skill, the flying swallow’s foot and the poisonous explosion attack distance is only 2 meters. When the boat faces the hell monarch, such a small model, the position is not easy to find the leader monster, the attacking distance of the Grand Theft Auto is stretched.


The initial innovation version, the skills described above have been enhanced to 3 meters of attack distance, flying swallow feet and poisonous explosions are better hits, the range of flying swallow feet in PVP is wider, and even the main means of returning to the blue as the Grand Theft Auto is also more Good hits, the advantage of attack distance can make Grand Theft Auto output higher and easier to get started.


As the main output skill of Grand Theft Auto, the speed blade is also enhanced in this revision. The original full-level damage increased from 54% to 62%, while the despicable state increased from 108% to 124%; the extra toxin damage caused by the weak meat It has increased by 1%; the two damages of the poisonous throw have increased by 9%; the damage of the poisonous blade has increased by 11%; other major output skills have also improved. When you beloved this post in addition to you wish to be given guidance about Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos I implore you to stop by our own page.


The poisonous skills are the most enhanced, because the continuous poison damage increases, the double-drug genre’s second injury will also have a lot of improvement, and the poisonous explosion will use the raid to hit two layers of toxins, the damage will also increase a lot, in the despicable form. The blade of speed will be stronger.


It is well known that the blast step is the most powerful buff skill of Grand Theft Auto. After opening, it can increase a lot of attack speed, speed and physical attack power. The cost is 8 points of energy per second. The previous version of the blast step is often because the player can’t control the blue. The specific scene clearing blue amount is forced to break the blast step into the CD. After the revision, the SP will not break when the SP is below 10%.


If you consider the point 1 toxic explosion as a skill cycle, you can hang the poison bottle after 5 layers of poisoning for 5 seconds. In this 10 seconds, the main output method is even fly The Yan foot and the dementor are released as a looping skill. When the effects of the two toxins are about to disappear, the poisoning explosion is quickly shot, and then the 5 layer poison cycle can be re-opened.


This technology has been changed to full-time professional, and all melee occupations have increased attack distance, and Grand Theft is the shortest occupation in this revision. In this revision, the attack distance can be equal to other melee, solving the problem of the high difficulty of Grand Theft. The changes in the blast step are also human enough, but the Grand Theft Auto is an output profession that requires tactics to deal with injuries. Proficiency is still important.



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