Overview of the cylinder drive system

There are many solutions for the operator of a swing gate. There is thus the automated system with arms, cylinders, wheels, buried and integrated into the gate. The choice of your engine depends of course on your needs and expectations. Find out what you need to know about cylinder drives in this article.

linear actuator system

Operation of a cylinder drive

First of all, it is important to know that the actuator with cylinders exists in several versions. On the one hand, there is linear actuator remote control system. This type of cylinder motor is powered by an electric motor. The latter rotates the screw continuously in the nuts on the leaves. On the other hand, there is the linear hydraulic cylinder automatism. Its operation is the same as that of the electric model. However, it has an oil that gives it more pressure and therefore more power. It is thus suitable for heavy and voluminous gates.


The actuator with cylinders is very easy to use. Indeed, just an electric pulse is enough to trigger the cylinders that operate the gate leaves. All you have to do is press your remote control.


The ideal drive for heavy gates

In contrast to arm operators, cylinder operators are specially designed for heavy and robust gates. Very powerful, especially on the hinges, it can damage light gates. This can deform PVC and aluminum gates. This system is therefore more suitable for steel and wrought iron gates.

remote control system

Cylinder motorization: installation

Whether it is for a new or existing swing gate, it will always be possible for you to install this motorization. You have two options for setting up this gate automation system. On the one hand, you call in a professional, especially for the installation of the power cables up to the motorization. A 220 Volt supply is indeed necessary for the proper functioning of this mechanism.


On the other hand, if you have some knowledge about DIY, you can design your own motorization. Of course, it is essential, even imperative, to follow the installation manual to the letter. Similarly, it is recommended to use the right tools. Also check that the hinges on your swing gate are working properly. It is obviously necessary to ensure that this device opens with ease and fluidity. In addition, you must remove the manual locking wireless remote control system. It goes without saying that the cylinders will be sufficient to keep the gate in the closed position. In addition, the maximum opening stops and the closing stop must be checked.

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