The archer has more than 20 abilities

The archer has more than 20 abilities [VIDEO]. Its buy tera gold main weapon is the bow. Archers may use different kinds of arrows such as explosive arrows. Unlike the archer, the berserker wears heavy armor.

That is the reason why they can get many punishments. His main weapon is the ax. It’s good for offense and defense. A Lancer utilizes a shield which protects him and people around him.

Mystics can heal, invoke and curse their enemies [VIDEO]. Its primary weapon is your scepter. Priests can heal, heal and revive the dead. They could inflict pests on their enemies and use lightning. His main weapon is the cane. The foremen wield a sword and use light armor. The sorcerer uses a disk to throw his charms and deal damage.

The warrior wields twin blades and absorbs light armor. This class is much more for hand-to-hand battle. Use fast attacks and misdirect opponents. There is a course that isn’t accessible until you get to level 50. That course is the reaper. The gunner is only available for chestnut and higher elf women.

As many of you may already know, Tera is tera reddit preparing to make its way from PC to console. And just this past weekend fans got their first chance to check out the MMO on a PS4 at Sony’s Playstation Experience. And even though I was not able to earn the event itself, I did get a chance to go hands-on using a brief demo of what fans can expect.

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