If we make a short trip back in time

The material proof of hand quilting were the quilts, every one unique in its own way, and truly representing the spirit of one’s family for generations, passed from grandmothers to mothers, and from mothers to daughters, in a strong and continuous line of dedicated women. Every quilt had a story; it was not made just to keep warm in cold winter nights. After you decide what kind of textures you will use, you must prepare them. Generation after generation, this passion was transmitted and taught, keeping it alive and improving with time. You can practice your stitches slower in the beginning and increase the speed when you will feel surer of your hand. Those women were building something marvelous and timeless every time they stitched one piece of textile to another, one memory along all the others. The modern technology made possible for today’s women to spare their already busy schedule for things like hand quilting. The hard work of hand quilting had a higher purpose: to enchant the eye with exquisite patterns, to be functional for the entire family and to say the story to the following generations.


If the colors bleed, use for the quilt only fabrics with similar colors. The backside of the quilt is usually made from a single textile piece or it can be assembled from many decorative blocks, such as the front.

If you decide though to follow the original technique of hand quilting instead of using the modern technology, you will need a lot of practice. Wash them in luke warm water with a light detergent to remove the color excess and to avoid the shrinking. The front lair is the decorative one and it is realized from pieces of fabric sawed in an artistic and creative manner in blocks, than the blocks are assembled together.

If you enjoy hand quilting, you will find it easy and fascinating and you will have the satisfaction of something you have done yourself, even if it doesn’t come perfect from the first time. You can combine successfully the colors in a quilt if you use fabrics with different nuances, dark colors and accents of another color used in the quilt. This is the true meaning of hand quilting: the more work you put in it, the more valuable your quilt will be. You will see that in time, your technique will gradually improve and you can obtain a unique hand made quilt.

Usually, the quilts are made from cotton, but you can use any kind of fabric you have or any combinations. chiffon fabric

If we make a short trip back in time, in the 18th or 19th century, we will find out how different the women of those times were living. Cotton is recommended because it does not stretch and can be easily ironed. Practically, a woman had to know how to make herself lots of necessary things for daily house activities, such as clothes, bed linens, cooked food, quilts and even soap.

When you begin to work, find a comfortable place to sit, with a good light, because you will need plenty of it if you want to do the stitches right.

The middle lair gives the warmth and the thickness of the quilt and can be made from cotton, polyester or wool.

Quilts represented a great way to imprint and keep alive the ancient traditions, the family’s spiritual heritage. (Cotton or poly-covered cotton).The history of hand quilting was written by all women who have dedicated their time, passion and skills in creating true masterpieces from simple pieces of fabric and thread.

Hand quilting was a tradition in the 18th and 19th century, not just a hobby as many of you might think. All mothers were teaching their daughters the secrets and the complicated techniques of hand quilting. They did not have the facilities that modern women have today, like linen stores, restaurants and supermarkets

They are beautiful and very versatile

They are beautiful and very versatile. Even if they adore what you have done and want to imitate it within their own homes, chances are they will not choose the exact designs, patterns, colors, and textures that you have chosen since there are so many fabulous things from which to choose. With the beautiful colors, rich textures, and lush fabrics there is no doubt as to the reason that this style of decorating is becoming so popular around the world. In fact, many people decide on this sort of theme for the fabric alone and even many who have passed on a Moroccan theme for their homes have still managed to squirrel away some of the fabric in order to create beautiful pillows and curtains.

Mosaics are perhaps my favorite touch from this part of the world. The fabrics are worth taking a look even if you aren’t seriously considering incorporating this style of design into your home decorating plans. If you are one who feels this way it is not an uncommon feeling. This means that you aren’t likely to have the identical interior decor of your neighbor, friends, or cousin down the way.

Fabrics used in Moroccan design and home decor are among some of the most stunningly beautiful fabrics you will find in the world. While it isn’t for everyone as a whole, there may be satin fabric bits and pieces that are absolutely perfect for you. While the work is beautiful it can definitely be overwhelming. The good news is that it is bold enough that it is still relatively new as far as decorating styles within the US goes. These are some of the most beautiful and in some ways the most exotic styles of decorating that you will find around the world.

The furniture when selecting this style of design for your home is very ornate and beautiful. I have seen stunning tables, trays, light fixtures, candle holders, wall sconces, and wall art that was made from mosaic tiles. Persian rugs are by no means inexpensive but they are most definitely worth every penny paid for them when they are made well. These are some of the most highly prized and sought after rugs around the world not only for the richness of their colors but also for the intricateness of their design. Now for some, the furnishings are a little much but the other touches of Moroccan decor are perfectly inline with personal preferences.

The connected material or strong canvas sheet is used for tumbling

Since the year 2000 trampolining was introduced towards the Olympic Games as a competitive gymnastic sports. The frames of competitive trampolines are made of metal that are often folded up for easy transport to competition venues. Some in the well known and vital trampoline accessories include covers, wellbeing nets, steps, anchors, tents, trampoline bounce boards, trampoline enclosure locks and spring gear. Nonetheless, numerous club/competition exercises should not be done on a garden trampoline.

Trampolines are of 2 types, recreational and competitive. Trampoline accessories like nets, also referred to as trampoline enclosures, are produced with zinc tubes and a tough polyethylene net to add additional safeness to the trampoline. The United states Navy Flight School used trampolines in its training of pilots and navigators throughout Planet War II by permitting pilots to practice their orientation.

The connected material or strong canvas sheet is used for tumbling. Trampoline inherited its name from the Spanish trampoln meaning a diving board. In competitive trampolining the person is permitted to bounce as high as ten metres. Out of doors trampolines are obtainable in a selection of sizes such as 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft which can be really large and they are also obtainable in lots of different designs, shapes and colours. In today s world, trampolining has become a common sport amongst children, as they never seem to lose their enthusiasm for trampolining. It will always be recommended to buy a garden trampoline from a trustworthy trampoline merchant whose trampolines will adhere to safeness requirements.

. This is not due towards the fact that garden chiffon fabric trampolines are dangerous it s due to the misuse of trampolines and also the user trying to perform exercises which should not be performed on garden trampolines but needs to be done by club/competition contributors. Resilient materials like tarpaulin tend to be used instead of nets.

A trampoline is fundamentally a gymnastic and leisure products made from a metal frame with a piece of taut, powerful fabric stretched over it utilizing coiled springs as anchors.

Trampolining is a high skill Olympic sport in which participants perform a routine comprising of abilities to reflect their greatest performance. The first modern day trampoline was developed by Larry Griswold and George Nissen in 1934. Garden trampolines are definitely a wonderful way to have kids outdoors and exercising plus recent several years garden trampolines are becoming the must have toy but due to careless leaping and absence of guidance the amount of trampolining associated wounds has significantly increased.Trampolines are a extremely well liked choice in the garden these days as children just love them and they offer a great quantity of exercise.

However, competitive trampolines are constructed with more powerful and less elastic fabric, with the trampoline s elasticity provided only from the springs. Innovative trampolines are constructed with dense net, stretched elastically on a frame of assorted shapes. It s also a good idea to have trampoline instructions when you have a garden trampoline or if you are thinking of buying a trampoline as safeness and basic exercise understanding is fundamental when making use of a trampoline. Garden trampolines are quite huge and so you ll need some space within your garden for them but when you do the kids will love them. Recreational trampolines are commonly round, octagonal or square formed, and also the materials used like the springs and the bed fabric aren t as durable as that of competitive trampolines. Trampolines were also used in the space flight programme to help train astronauts in experiencing numerous body positions in flight. Trampoline climate covers safeguard the frame pads, stuff and sewing on the mat in the trampoline against UV rays