One of the issues with wearing glasses is that they are prone to breaking

One of the issues with wearing glasses is that they are prone to breaking. Just the nature of the frames and how they work means that glass may get broken, frames may bend or break and screws may pop out. Trying to wear a pair of eyeglasses that no longer fit your face properly may cause distorted vision or pain in your head or face.

As anyone who regularly wears glasses knows, there are scores of different ways to break a pair of glasses. Your glasses may get knocked off your face, you may get hit with a soccer ball or basketball, sit on them, step on them, or toss them in a purse or bag without their case. Extensive damage to your glasses will require you to take them to your optician to have them fixed properly, but for minor damage you can often repair them yourself or at least make them usable until proper repair is possible.

One of the most common problems you’ll have with your glasses that need a repair is when you lose a screw. A screw can pop out of your eyeglasses for any reason and the easiest way to remedy the situation is to just screw it back in. If you can’t find the original, try to screw in another. You may need to get yourself a glasses repair kit as eyeglass screws are quite small and not particularly common. If you do try to replace a lost screw, lay out a solid colored dish towel and work over top of it so the screw will be easy to find if you drop it a few times before it finally goes in.

If the screw has been stripped and just won’t go in, you can fix the glasses with a piece of fine wire and pliers. Thread the wire through or around the pieces that need to be joined and twist it with the pliers until it’s snug. This type of repair may inhibit how the glasses open and close, but you should still be able to wear them until you can get a screw into the frame. You could also use a drop or two of superglue if you’re in a bind.

If your frames become bent, resist the urge to attempt to bend them back to their original shape on your own. Opticians have equipment that they can use to make the material pliable for bending, and they have the experience to know how far the material can be pushed before it breaks. Unless you know what you’re doing, chances are that your salvageable pair of glasses will become broken beyond repair.

Nowadays, thanks to the availability of discount eyeglasses and the ease of obtaining them online, it may be a better use injection screws barrel Suppliers of your time and energy to simply replace the compromised frames altogether! The days of the nerd wearing glasses held together with white tape may just be gone for good.

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