Chen goes home that evening and spends a lot of intimate

Who later rough houses with his friends at school, including Pim. Chen, the owner of The White Lotus Farm Store.S. Several days ago, the farmer who owns them both sneezed on the pig while feeding her. He’s feeling weak himself. There it meets up with a virus of ordinary flu infecting the pig — just like two bank robbers who enter the same vault from two sides.

Bird flu could become highly contagious in several ways. He spends much of the day talking over his order with Mr. Chen has taken to her bed and her relatives are sneezing on their jobs . The pig below the hen also feels ill.  A few plan to continue on to London and Paris. to infect his very own cell. He takes over its genetic material and soon has instructed the cell to replicate millions more of himself. A few days later, WHO and CDC workers fly to the small farming village and the government imposes a travel ban on the entire province. She sniffs and sneezes. It’s not true love, but it’s not bad. Chen goes home that evening and spends a lot of intimate time with his wife, who is leaving tomorrow to spend two weeks visiting relatives in Chicago, U. The doctor is worried, because the other family members are also feeling poorly and so many of their farm animals have died. Heavily infected with the contagious form of lethal bird flu, the pig snorts and sneezes onto the boy. It’s not life-threatening to the farmer or the pig, but it is highly contagious. Soon Junior uses the neurasminadse protein spikes on his surface to cut himself loose from the pig’s cell he calls home, and makes his way out into the world .

A. Chen finds her gate to a flight to Chicago. Inside the lining of her respiratory tract and lungs, millions of influenza viruses — commonly called A/H5N1 or bird flu — are infecting her cells and forcing them to replicate millions more of the virus. They combine genetic material and soon have an offspring who’s the best of both of them.Somewhere in Southeast Asia (or Africa, Cantilever Gate Wheel the Mid-East, Europe etc) . Chen boards the early morning Thai Airways flight to Los Angeles, she is not aware that 145 kilometers away from her, a chicken and a pig are dead . There, it starts drilling into the pig’s cells with its spikes of hemagluttin. Neither do the other 200 passengers who spend 11 hours breathing the same air as Mrs. and a farmer’s son and his friend are too sick to go to school. The hen excretes, her white waste material — full of A/H5N1 — falling to the floor below, mixing in with the dirt and other chicken manure.

A/H5N1 works its way through the pig’s body to the pig’s respiratory system. The farmers have taken their children to the nearby clinic, which has taken throat samples and sent them to the United Nations World Health Organization laboratories to be tested. Hungry despite her flu, the pig gobbles down some chicken manure, including some which contains A/H5N1. Here is one plausible scenario. The next day, Yu takes a bus to Bangkok to buy some supplies and equipment for his farm. After landing at Los Angeles International Airport, some of Mrs. People can catch it through close contact with chickens, but they can not spread it to other people. Chen’s fellow passengers go into Los Angeles.

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