Why Vigil Revamped Their Combat Engine For Darksiders II

Darksiders made War slow and hard hitting. Death, the lead character in Darksiders II, feels much more the Prince from Prince of Persia meets Kratos. Ben Cureton, Combat Designer, explains why they made Darksiders II feel different and has tips about what moves Closers Credits you intend to Death to know.
Compared towards the first Darksiders with War, Death is basically fast. Why make a real drastic change to the sport?
Ben Cureton, Combat Designer: Well, we didn’t would just like people to experience “Darksiders 1.5,” we wanted individuals play “Darksiders 2.5”. We planned to raise the bar of what they expected from Cheap Closers Credits your franchise, instead of come in and feel as if they were playing the same game. So we made a decision to make Death distinct from War, but while doing so he still is like a character from your Darksiders universe.
Some from the mechanics feel like Devil May Cry or Castlevania: Lord of Shadows. What games inspired you?
Well, we definitely played every combat game. It doesn’t matter if it’s considered the most beneficial game of historical or the worst game of record. We play ‘em all. Obviously, there was the Zelda inspiration together with the puzzles and stuff. But for combat, we’re also huge DMC and Bayonetta fans.
We didn’t need to re-create DMC and Bayonetta, but we wished to re-create the opinion of open-ended combat; allow players to come up with their unique combos and also be creative. In the first game, that’s a little lacking. The fans spoke, and we chosen to go in a brand new direction.
Whenever I talk with creators, even though they’ve released a final product, there’s always something they wish they could’ve polished more or added. What would you love to improve for the future Darksiders game with respect towards the combat?
I think whatever we’d enjoy to do is create more tools with the player. That’s might know about did for this one—created ten or twenty or thirty or forty tools and simply let the player go wild. What we need to do is find the best way to give them much more freedom to experience any way they need. I know many people say that, but I think when you play Darksiders II, you’ll sense that difference. That’s the same principle we need to carry on within the next Darksiders.
How can you imagine additional Horsemen with the Apocalypse can play?
This is definitely me—I’m likely to get in trouble—I see Strife being a wisecracking [Devil May Cry’s] Dante-style character with guns along with perhaps kicks. And again, we haven’t really pointed out this in any way. This is definitely a thing inside my own head.
And obviously, we view Fury, and discover her through an Ivy-type whip [from Soulcalibur]. We don’t determine if it could well be a sword or possibly a sword-whip or perhaps a whip, but once we discuss it inside the hallways, we believe of characters we need to relate them to somewhat bit.
Will there be any extra characters as DLC?
Oh, I don’t find out about that! (laughs)
One on the qualities of Darksiders II is that you simply have a loot system. How will you balance that, very high-attack powers, that has a skill-based system?

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