Digimon Masters Online

I get this each time i am trying to experiment with digimon masters online can someone assist me?
wtf post has 7 likes no one even attemptedto help you.
Try reinstalling it or start will be as administrator
Anyway I was disappointed using this type of game. its like going for a boring MMO and slap a Digimon Masters Online Tera skin onto it. its nothing special.
I unquestionably Dragonball Z MMO for a time (mostly Korean, some English translations with the menus) and it also was fun but nevertheless a tedious grindfest, I quit after a few years because it turned out too annoying being unable to read what quests were for. Then with regards to a month later I discovered the DMO Tera MMO, and yes it was almost the exact same except for having Digimon rather than DBZ stuff. It was in English, but much more Engrish in places and it also was still kinda tedious and boring. Didn’t really seem catered to Digimon fans as it should are actually.

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