Rejuvenate Tong Mengqi, “Digit Evolution,” Evolution of Holy Beasts

Memories of the fierce battles that have entered the digital world for the first time, regaining the former partners, and bringing back bloody memories! Here, the spirits that have been tested in the 100 series of mythical beasts have returned to your childhood, and the courage that has been tried is still igniting. Well-known animation turn-based RPG mobile game Digimon Masters Tera opened a new door, take you to take the road to develop digital veterinary!
Strongly opened in the main city of the outside world Digital map needs to be explored
Here is full of mystery, the digital beasts get a variety of attributes and talents in the main city outside the border. The main city has plug-in factories, mission squares, gates of different realms, mysterious merchant ships, arenas, skill temples, courageous trials and many other types of shops and replicas as well as mysteriously cultivated lands. In the “fighting” interface, through a variety of landforms and other digital beast PK, all the way through the ability to compete with the ultimate leader to compete!
Rekindle childhood dreams
When the familiar evolutionary song in the game starts, childhood can’t go back but it can be tasted and recalled. The hundreds of mythical beasts make up the line to let the player taste DMO Tera fresh fun, such as Tyrannosaurus beast, angel beast, human horse beast, and evil spirits. The helpers can all be developed step by step through joint operations and resource plunder. Digital beast evolution can be said to be a very exciting gameplay. A series of changes in form, skills, and attributes will give growers a sense of accomplishment. Live dubbing and familiar opening music in the course of a battle are also used by players. Brings a strong sense of alienation into the world.
Regain your cards and collect fun. Thousands of beasts are under your arm
In Digimon Evolution, Beastmaster comes to the owner with the card calling mode. After reaching a certain number, he can “fight”. In addition to the protagonist of the digital beast, players can summon other digital beasts to fight side by side, and high-level beasts also have a chance to save the battle in times of crisis!
The full memory of the murders will be staged here, courage, friendship, love, innocence, hope, and bright! The good will never pass away. In “Dibao Evolution,” the children who are called will regain strength and fight for childhood. Magical power!

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