Without energy, nothing works

The energy system restricts you inside activities which can be done. Each mission costs quite a few energy points and once you use increase your points, you can either have to Soul Worker Dzenai acquire more or hold off until the next day as soon as your energy replenishes.
So for those who have a VIP membership, you need to use more energy to try and do more missions each day, not to mention, you will be faster inside the game.
Publisher Gameforge has since made criticisms in this system and stated that they wanted to keep an eye on and possibly initiate countermeasures. Until then, players should take advantage of energy trading and you will probably start more events, that may give players more energy.
The open beta of Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai already causes some trouble anyway. We will update more Soul Worker News soon, keep tuned in. Cheap Soul worker Dzenai is live for sale on AOEAH.COM. thank you for visiting check our offers!

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