Epic Games Uses Private Investigators To Hunt Down Cheaters

If there’s one story more prominent inside the gaming press nowadays than the success of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, is rampant cheating in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Despite banning more than a million (paid) accounts, PUBG is constantly Fortnite Skins on the face an onslaught of cheaters and hackers, primarily springing up form The People’s Republic of China.
Fortunately for Epic Games, their Battle Royale title, Fortnite, mainly caters with a Western playerbase. That means the cheaters in Fortnite have a tendency to reside in parts on the world where trademark are enforced. And Epic Games will not shy away from with all the law to quit cheaters.
Epic Games has sued several cheaters, including minors, to halt them from cheating. The cases happen to be settled with undisclosed terms, but I’m sure any kid being sued by the large company would consider before making a similar mistake again.
Now we’ve found out that Epic Games Buy Fortnite Skins is absolutely serious about holding cheaters accountable. The studio adjusted so far as to rent private investigators to locate cheaters in order that they could be served court papers. In one case, a defendant called B.B was located by Klatt Investigations after Epic Games neglected to locate the suspected cheater themselves.
The suspect under consideration turned out to be a small, so the Defendant along with the defendants mother were served. In another case, Epic Games hired S&H Investigative Services to look for another minor. Often defendants are not able to respond in these instances. That carries danger a default judgement for copyright infringement.
The zeal of Epic Games legal team provides a shock to us, but it really is certainly working. While PUBG is affected by cheaters, Fortnite remains much more stable and cheater-free.

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