42-year-old Kōji Wada’s death was singing “Digimon” theme song (reprint)

According to Japanese media reports, the singer Kōji Wada because of throat lymphoma morning on April 3, died only 42 yrs . old. Kōji Wada in 2003 being affected by throat cancer lymph glands, had long battled with from your brief comeback in 2013.
Kōji Wada fans know most within Digimon Masters Online Gold the songs for your 1999 movie “Digimon” sang the theme song “Butter-fly”. In April 1999, Kōji Wada Department at Fuji TV animation “Digimon Adventure” in singing the theme song, successfully completed its debut.
Kōji Wada died of laryngeal cancer, may be called “dead butterfly anime singer.” April 3, with DMO Gold theme song “Butter-Fly” debut and popular anime singer Kōji Wada a result of throat cancer, died at 42 yrs old.
Lymphoma is usually a solid tumor of lymphoid origin in hematopoietic tissues. Each country on its research than the hundred years. The disease generally is a viral etiology of cancer the focus about the study. Some of these sorts of relationships with all the current virus have been finalized.
The incidence of malignant tumors in China ranks 11 to 13. Europe, America, Australia together with other Western countries, the incidence rate all the way to 11 to 18 / 100,000, class preparation versus the sum leukemia also slightly higher. At least the United States found that over 30,000 new cases yearly. China
inside the past a few years, new cases increased with each coming year, reaching 25,000.
Early indications of lymphoma throat
vocal cord polyps, vocal nodules, chronic laryngitis.
Accompanied by sore throat, painful swallowing, fever from the cold, it may be acute laryngitis. Severe sore throat, prolonged unhealed, and also consider the possibility of laryngeal tuberculosis or malignancy.

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