Epic’s early access PvE-centric survival sandbox Fortnite can be heavily criticized for setting up a messy, micromanagey progression system Fortnite Skins that’s certainly inextricably linked to its pay-to-progress enterprize model, but Epic says it’s listening for your feedback. “We’re in the early access,” the studio’s Zak Phelps says inside the sport’s most up-to-date dev video. “We want feedback. It’s the initial version!”
Phelps, in addition to Epic’s Darren Sugg, claim that the group currently is working by using a “sort of hardcore survival version” with the sport that’ll actually last around a genuine fortnight in-game (winds up to about 3.5 hours real-time). Expect that big update coming later come early july.
The game’s latest teeny patch Buy Fortnite Skins was that may fix several crashes and memory leaks but generally seems to have introduced (or perhaps exacerbated) an XP display bug, so don’t panic this. Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie got a dose of hands-on time with all the game captured; that’s on the next paragraphs, in partnership with Epic’s latest dev chat.

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