Move Games Might Be Bringing ASTA Online Back Through Steam

Despite being marketed as “the Korean World of Warcraft,” ASTA Online hasn’t done particularly well in a volume of market. It failed into their home country of Korea, where it absolutely was online¬†Digimon Masters Online Currency for two years without updates before turning off on August 23, 2015. It was later exposed to your West by WEBZEN, spending simply a 7 months online before closing. Now, Move Games, the developer of Digimon Masters Online, is looking to have taking ASTA back, having listed the action on Steam Greenlight.
You may remember four of Move Games’ titles have successfully got through Greenlight. To date, two have been completely released on Steam:¬†DMO Currency which can be found here, and Redemption, that might very well be found here. Two more, NOIR, available here, and Power Rangers Online, available here, are the truth is greenlit, but have yet if you are published on Steam.
It’s unclear how Move Games located enter possession with every one of several rights to ASTA Online or why e-commerce would need to resurrect an undertaking that succeeded poorly generally in most market it absolutely was published in. Nevertheless, perhaps it may somewhat be generating a comeback.

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