Pre-PAX ID@Xbox Open House Introduces Eight New Titles

During Microsoft’s Pre-PAX ID@Xbox Open House event, about 2 thousand players had reached try out a selection of Tera Items titles and games from Microsoft’s first-party development teams. Aside in the seven titles that showcased Windows Mixed Reality, there was clearly also a number of titles in which players could try out your upcoming Xbox One X console. Titles for instance ARK: Survival Evolved, Astroneer, Forza Motorsport 7, Path of Exile, Raiders on the Broken Planet, Robocraft Infinity, Strange Brigade and Super Lucky’s Tale have there been to demonstrate the console’s prowess. However, inside second room were the upcoming Tera Gold titles.
In total, 37 games were on the market to play with this room plus it would are already impossible to use them all. These titles included some that hadn’t been announced yet; of such titles, 29 are actually introduced to you. Here’s their email list — you may find out more information on each title by clicking about the links:

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