New Fortnite Update Coming Soon On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Part of what’s so great about Fortnite Items: Battle Royale is developer Epic Games releases updates with the popular game over a very regular basis. Sometimes it’s extra features, weapons, or items, as well as other times it’s bug fixes. Whatever the truth, the sport feels fresh, that is great. The newest update is on its way tomorrow, March 8, Epic announced today on Twitter.
The v3.2 update will arrive tomorrow, presumably on all systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Epic said it isn’t going to know exactly if your update will arrive tomorrow, but that information must be announced soon. We will update this post when those info is shared.
We do not know yet what’s inside new¬†Fortnite Weapons update, but we’ll report back with additional information when Epic shares it. One likely possibility is always that this update introduces the limited-time mode Teams of 20, which Epic said is as a result of launch on March 8 (much more about that below).

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