Fortnite: Battle Royale Shooting Test #1 Event Changes

Weapons will have first-shot accuracy, indicated by a red glow about the reticle. This is applied when:
Standing still
Aiming (not hip-firing)
Aim spread reaches peak accuracy Fortnite Skins (Basically, should you haven’t fired recently. It is different per weapon)
Headshot critical hits are actually reduced
Shotguns at the moment are 150% damage (was 250%).
All other weapons with headshot crits are actually 200% damage (was 250%).
Damage fall-off has become introduced for a lot of weapons
Damage applies at 100% to your fixed range.
Fall-off begins at different ranges (depending around the weapon), and decreases to 70% damage.
Sniper Rifles, Rocket/Grenade Launchers, and Shotguns are unaffected.
Other balance adjustments
Semi-Auto Sniper has already established Fortnite Items its damage increased to 75/78 (from 63/66).
Scoped Assault Rifle has brought its damage increased to 25/26 (from 23/24).
+2 Base destruction of all SMGs.

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