Brett Favre Returns to Madden in Ultimate Team

Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre is known for his comebacks–now he’s returned for the Madden series.
Multiple versions in the QB have reached Madden Mobile Coins Ultimate Team mode as part with the game’s Ultimate Freeze event. Additionally, Chemistry level 4 is started up when Favre is connected with a number of his former teammates like Sterling Sharp and Antonio Freeman.
There are two 96-rated versions of Favre that it is possible to use to unlock what is known as the “Gunslinger Ability Chemistry.” One is accessible only for just a limited time (follow this Twitter account to uncover how to earn this) as well as the other is often a Master Set Reward.
Watch the recording above and Cheap Madden Mobile Coins look this EA Sports blog post for more information on Favre in Ultimate Team.
In other Madden news, EA has released an exotic new video through which cover star Rob Gronkowski jokes around the Madden Curse–watch it here.


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