After a while without jetpack mention from Epic Games, it seemed as the jetpacks ended up being shelved for great. Although Fortnite Items has an abundance of goofy weapons and consumables, Epic Games is careful about trying for making sure the Battle Royale mode is balanced and yes it runs well. If anything should threaten that balance, then your developer will create a change. Just look at how fast Fortnite removed the guided missile launcher, which many deemed being too overpowered and tough to counter.
As of now, the jetpacks are a part of the sport files, and the ones can easily alter from one update on the next. Most figure that Epic Games is likely to add that into the experience at Fortnite Items for sale a particular point, and after this seems nearly as good a time every. It’s also really smart of Epic to get a mode that indulges from the shotgun-heavy meta of Fortnite allowing players rush the other with jetpacks. No doubt the Close Encounters mode will produce plenty of crazy kills.

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