Fortnite Players Call Wrong Epic Games to Complain

At here, Epic Games’ sandbox survival title Fortnite happens to be such a major phenomenon that it were generate revenue over $223 million in March 2018 alone, with all the release’s popularity seeming to build even more so because of the day. With this being the way it is, you will find surely lots of players who require to contact customer satisfaction for Fortnite Skins certain instances related towards the title, which has resulted in one board game shop in a Ohio strip mall using a similar-sounding name to Epic Games getting countless calls from fans to complain regarding the release.
According to Hunter Davies, the assistant manager of Epic Loot Games, since Fortnite became a household name, his store has brought an innumerable number of calls from
Buy Fortnite Skins players discussing their difficulties with buying skins, complaining about server issues, and in some cases grousing about personal problems. Speaking to Kotaku around the issue, Davies explained, “There are a great number of calls—pranks, angry gamers, kids who don’t see why the support doesn’t possess a readily available way of contact—we started telling those to use your website, simply because they can’t actually consult anyone around the phone.”

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