Fortnite revenue microtransactions SuperData chart

There was also a substantial jump in revenue between March 2018 and April 2018. This will partly be down for the residual effects on the Ninja/Drake stream as this came about in mid-March, with coverage extending to April. But it can even be attributed for the release of Fortnite Skins te Battle Royale on iOS. SuperData’s figures are the reason for all versions of the action, including PC, consoles, and mobile phones. Given that previous reports stated that this iOS version made $15 million within days, it’s not hard to discover where that increase originated.
The revenue growth was obviously a little slower between April and May 2018, but it really’s worth noting that Fortnite Season 4 didn’t begin until May 1. Therefore, many players may are already saving up their V-Bucks (as well as their real bucks), waiting for your new cosmetics to go.
SuperData’s chart ends in May 2018, nevertheless it’s not difficult to view how Fortnite has kept growing and has now given players an abundance of reasons to spend beyond that time. Fortnite Skins for sale Season 5 just began, adding a whole host of brand new outfits for players to get. New cosmetics are going to be added over the course with the season too, meaning how the game will earn revenue continuously.
Also set to increase Epic’s already jam-packed coffers is Fortnite Battle Royale’s hotly anticipated release on Android. The launch date has yet for being confirmed beyond “summer 2018”, but a majority of Android users are champing in the bit, waiting because of their chance to buy skins and secure Victory Royales too.

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