Popular Twitch streamers temporarily banned as a result of DMCA takedowns

Early Friday morning, several popular Twitch streamers like xQc, TSM_Daequan, C9 Sneaky, KittyPlays, Pokelawls and Avxry were issued DMCA takedown notices for copyright violation. As per Twitch’s policy, each these streamer’s channels were issued a brief 24-hour ban. But seems like that most on the bans may very well be reversed, due to YouTuber KeemStar.
According to tweets from several in Fortnite Items the streamers, the material in question was music from rapper Juice Wrld, whose label seems to have issued the takedown requests. The bans came with an unfortunate time for some with the streamers showcased with recently’s Friday Fortnite tournament starting just hours following the bans were issued. The tournament, run by UMG and KeemStar, can be a popular institution in the Fortnite community and regularly draws over 500,000 viewers towards the game on Twitch.
TSM_Daequan was scheduled to compete inside the tournament in conjunction with his TSM teammate Camills, while Avxry have also been supposed to get playing regarding his duo partner, and Buy Fortnite Items another TSM streamer, HighDistortion. In hopes of keeping the tournament going as planned, Keem stepped in on behalf from the players competing within his tournament, also as all with the other banned streamers and reached in the market to Juice Wrld, in line with Keem’s tweets.
Keem’s involvement started when Daequan mentioned his ban on Twitter, Keem quickly responded saying, “Dm, I know everyone. We have a couple of hours to contact the artist and acquire this over turned.”
Shortly after Keem updated his followers, “trying to acquire all the twitch channels unbanned. We made hitting the ground with artist. Everyone prayers please,” Keem tweeted. “FYI – artist is merely as mad this happen. Labels are so from touch.”
About thirty minutes later, Keem tweeted again, asking everyone that received the 24-hour Twitch ban to the takedown to message him when he was getting them to overturned. While none with the channels are actually reactivated yet, it seems, based on KeemStar, how the bans are going to be overturned — and how the streams, and Friday Fortnite, is able to continue as planned.

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