Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish tournament rekindled debate over player vetting

“If you’re from the part of your respective career in places you’re aiming to get in to the LCS, you also should worry around the actions that might have ramifications on your aspirations around the road.”
Greeley said Riot in concert with players and streamers to reiterate the code of conduct, and examining past Fortnite Items behavior. That’s something the Overwatch League found late, announcing the code of conduct only after some snafus with players. Epic Games still hasn’t released its code of conduct, thus it’s impossible to learn for certain how players past actions — or perhaps current actions — on his or her personal streams may affect their eligibility.
Kevie1 has vaguely addressed his past behavior while playing Counte-Strike: Source, tweeting in 2015 he spoke to a new player to focus on his actions, adding, “We cleared everything up and Fortnite Materials now we’re also back in good terms.” Kevie1 has never addressed whether Epic Games has spoken to him about concerns raised by members of town, high’s a pretty good chance Epic might have viewed Kevie1’s attempts to higher his behavior as being a reason to invite him. It’s clear, however, that player behavior — and who gets invited to tournaments with cash prize pools — is starting to become a discussion again.
Neither Kevie1 nor Epic Games answered request from comment.

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