Psychologist says rush to pathologize ‘computer game addiction’ is dangerous

Update (Aug. 2): Reached for comment, World Health Organization advisory board member Dr. Geoffrey M. Reed declined to reply to Polygon. Instead, he referred us to Dr. Vladimir Poznyak, coordinator on the Management of Substance Abuse department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse for that WHO.
Poznyak declared Reed’s email was simply misunderstood.
“There hasn’t been any Maplestory M Mesos pressure from WHO Member States to feature ‘gaming disorder’ inside the [ICD],” he wrote Polygon in an e-mail, “and also the decision made was based entirely about the available scientific evidence and experiences by using these health conditions in several countries, not on a Asian countries.
“At duration, indeed, health problems associated with excessive game playing had been extensively recorded and researched within a number of Asian countries including Republic of Korea or Japan, and, in line using their professional experiences, many clinicians and researchers from those countries have strong views pertaining to Cheap Maplestory M Mesos existence of ‘gaming disorder’ which has been presented in personal communication between WHO consultant Dr. Geoffrey Reed and Dr. Chris Ferguson as ‘enormous pressure.’
“At one time let me reiterate that there had not been any formal request or pressure expressed by any one of WHO Member States to incorporate ‘gaming disorder’ inside the classification, and also the decision made was based entirely on technical considerations and never political ones.”

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