While Chiefs fans now possess the opportunity

While Chiefs fans now possess the opportunity to become excited regarding their thunder and lightning backfield of Hillis and Jamaal Charles, this signing is news to Bengals fans for the reason that term’s of Hillis’ deal will probably set a barometer for Madden NFL Mobile Coins other equivalent free agent runningbacks like Michael Bush, Mike Tolbert, and BenJarvus Green-Ellis.
According to Adam Schefter, that deal is only a 60 minute year, $3 million deal. Which is the same deal presented to Cedric Benson 12 months ago.
The Bengals could certainly afforded an offer this cheap, but perhaps we were holding turned away through Buy Madden NFL Mobile Coins the character and injury concerns of Hillis. Or, that they had their sights set on Michael Bush or even the Law Firm, both scheduled to see the Bengals a few weeks.

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