Remember those skill chips I mentioned earlier?

Remember those skill chips I mentioned earlier? There would be a funny meta game that involved players competing in contests and earning chips. These chips were representative of skill ups players earn in games. This chips were a superior quality custom made poker chip. Since players spend many their amount of time in Cheap RuneScape Gold earning skills it absolutely was fun to view them get the chance to earn them in person too. There were a full of 8 to accumulate to create the completionist title. Never anyone to pass up an opportunity for celebration I took part inside the fishing competition to earn a form of art chip at the same time as a couple of others. All told I earned 4 on the 8.
It wouldn’t be a function without a amount of news. Jagex has created a exchange signal of their content release cycle and should have 3 expansions in 2017. The first of which is going to be the Golden City of Menaphos due out next spring. I’ll convey more information RuneScape Gold for sale about that later inside week.
Players got their start in far and wide to visit Runefest. I caught on top of more than one couple which in fact had made the trip in the United States. I also met people from Holland, Sweden, France, and Germany. This truly became a global festival by Jagex for fans plus it’s great to view companies hold fan centric events that aren’t just PR conventions.

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