God Wars Dungeon 2 Rewards and Reputation

Firstly, defeated bosses provide the opportunity to drop non-wearable dormant armour pieces and faction’s crest. Combine the crest along with a dormant armour piece to produce a bit of wearable, non-degrading, level 80 armour. Wearable armour will probably RS Gold be upgraded to degradable level 85 armour with essence gained inside the bosses. Each boss’s armour suits a specific discipline – melee (Zaros), ranged (Zamorak), magic (Seren) and hybrid (Sliske).
Secondly, defeated bosses could even drop a weapon with tier 80 damage and 90 accuracy.
The other key reward Buy RS Gold mechanic for God Wars Dungeon 2 is reputation – a pace inside the standing with each faction. Accumulate reputation to unlock a chance to buy a insightful special rewards from reputation vendors located close to the dungeon entrance. Some rewards are helpful, some cosmetic, and many for entertainment!

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