Path of Exile explains the nature with the new Ice Trap skill in Ascendancy

When Path of Exile launches its next expansion, Ascendancy, the designers are adding some additional skills to offer existing builds new options. Case in point: the upcoming Ice Trap skill added POE Currency at level 28, which had been created specifically to present trap-based characters a reliable supply of through parts in the game’s story. It’s a trusted large-area skill that operates nicely using a new support gem, Cluster Trap, that can turn any single-spot trap right into a bursting list of four traps.
Ice Trap is effective against Buy POE Currency large multiple enemies in addition to large enemies who could be caught by multiple bursts through the trap. You can browse the video with the skill’s operations just under, but you’ll ought to wait until March prior to skill can certainly be added for your trap-happy character’s skill lineup.

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