Hyperspace Beacon: Everything you need to find out about Star Wars The Old Republic’s guild changes

Since the launch of the sport, guilds happen to be a real weakness for Star Wars: The Old Republic. For the longest time, I have felt how the developers at SWTOR didn’t understand what to do with guilds, and be fair the guild landscape is different a lot. From the time the action was in early concept to file for, guilds were morphing coming from SWTOR Credits Buy a group of friends that happened to experience one game together into multi-game, multiplatform communities. Some guilds became powerful esports groups; others became a small gang of people who like to complete things together. I’m sure BioWare had no idea which direction guilds were headed, therefore it didn’t want to make wrong move too soon.
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I can’t say who’s was the correct decision because doing so made guilds more than only a different-colored chatroom for anyone to use. The developers did eventually give guilds conquests, guild strongholds, and obviously, a guild flagship, but ultimately, that become a grindy method for big guilds to indicate they experienced SWTOR Credits for sale a lot of people. And the rewards were mostly terrible, except to the “Conqueror with the Black Hole” title. My inner 13-year-old still finds that extremely funny.

BioWare’s Eric Musco and Charles Boyd latched onto Twitch on Wednesday morning to inform us their new arrange for SWTOR guilds, and I’m still looking to put together if they really know what guilds are for in 2018. Let’s jump to the details.

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